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Portraiture with Liam!


Learn the basics of anatomical proportion, shading to capture skin tones, and getting a good likeness! Fun class drawing faces and portraits from busts and live models. Learn how to use charcoal and graphite. Materials supplied (sketchbook, charcoal, white pastel, pencils) For experienced artistic children, pre-teens, and teens.

Sessions run for 1 week $125.00

Individual session $35

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $125. Mon-Fri
Dates: ($),
Session Dates: July 16-20th 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM ($125.00)
August 6-10 th 1:00-3:00 PM ($125.00)
Individual session ($35.00)

LOOSEN UP with Shawn Dell Joyce

Learn to use techniques to loosen up and paint quickly and accurately! Shawn takes you through a series of timed painting exercises using a complementary palette (she uses pastel, but you can use watercolor, acrylic or oil) and
get looser and looser with juicy color and simple shapes. Fun, exciting and engaging! Your art will change forever from this class! This class is sponsored by Ampersand Pastelbords and each participant will be provided with a free board that can be used with pastel or watercolor. Bring your own materials, or use our materials for a small fee. How an online class works

Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: Full day workshop
Session Dates: Sat. Jan. 13, 3-5pm ($30.00)
Sat. Jan. 13, 3-5pm materials supplied ($40.00)
Sat. May 26, 10am-3:30pm members ($75.)
Sat. May 26, 10am-3:30pm nonmembers ($80.)
online (must preregister two weeks in advance) ($60.)

Sketching with Shawn Dell Joyce

Sketching from direct observation in nature! Open to children, adults and teens! Follow in the Footsteps of Jane Colden, and learn about Coldenham’s founding family, and America’s first female botanist; Jane Colden, who at 13, identified indigenous plants in our region. Participants will learn to identify and draw at least 10 indigenous plants, and keep a sketchbook with botanical notes and illustrations. Participants will learn the basics sketching from direct observation (plants, fields, buildings), and plant identification. Field hikes (walking) every day and sketchbooks plus materials provided to take home.  All ages welcome! Camp happens at Benedict Town Park in Montgomery$125 9:45-11:45, Mon-Fri. 

Following in the Footsteps of Jane Colden

Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: $125 from 10-noon, all materials provided at Benedict Town Park
Session Dates: July 16-20, 10am-noon Benedict Park ($125.00)
Single day w/materials ($30.00)
Aug. 6-10, 10am-noon at Benedict Park ($125.00)

Private Teen Portfolio Building-with Liam Vogel

Teens will practice the essentials of drawing and painting from observation such as how to sketch ellipses, symmetrical shapes, and work with value to create high-quality pieces of work for your portfolio. Whether you’re preparing your portfolio for college or honing your skills, working from observation is one of best ways to improve and maintain artistic skill. All equipment and materials provided. $25 per hour or online How an online class works

Liam Vogel

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $25/hour schedule a week in advance, afterschool or weekends
Session Dates: any hour you choose ($25.00)
online hour ($20.00)


This 2 hour class is designed to give students assistance in preparing their portfolio for college. This class is open to any students looking to put together a consistent, high quality, body of work. As Students review the 3 important parts of a fine art portfolio, we will complete high quality observational drawings, to build the quality of the portfolio.


12:00-2:00 pm

$30 per session

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $30
Session Dates: Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 March 3 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 March 10 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 March 17 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 March 24 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 April 7 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 April 14 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 April 21 ($30)
Single Session Saturday 12:00-2:00 April 28 ($30)

Watercolor for Young People with Leslie Bender

Watercolor, Pen and Ink Class (for young people)

This class is designed to generate awareness and excitement learning pen and ink and watercolor techniques. Through imaginative experimentation and still life studies, students will discover color, texture, representing objects, and their own taste in designing unique artworks. Each class includes a technique demonstration and individualized guidance from the instructor.

Materials list – Watercolor sketchbook, at least 9 x 12 inches, pen set with quill and different size nibs, bottle of black ink (colored inks welcome) watercolor set or tubes, brushes, thin to very wide (chip or latex brushes from the hardware store are good for wide size: 1.5~ 2 inch wide), white candle and/or masking fluid, pencils and erasers,

watercolor palette, cup for water, and paper towels.

Leslie Bender is a Hudson Valley artist and has shown in regional galleries for 30 years. She has work in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, as and has exhibited in a number of museums in the United States.


Saturdays 3-5pm in house or online: How an online class works




Instructor: Leslie Bender
Price: $120 for 4 consecutive classes (members)
Session Dates: APRIL 7, 14, 21,28 3-5pm (non members) ($140.00)
APRIL 7, 14, 21,28 3-5pm (members) ($120.00)