Children's Classes


Value & Form 2 with Nicole Asendorf (Ages 7-14)

Students are able to work in any drawing medium. They will be guided through exercises in value and form. Students will also begin drawing simple subjects and arrangements. Everyone is encouraged to bring objects of interest from home to share with the class for the day.Material List for Nicole’s Drawing Classes  SUNDAYS

Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Price: April 8, 15, & 29 10am-12pm $100 plus $30 material fee Or Material list
Session Dates: April 8, 15, & 29 10am-12pm ($100.00)

Palette Knife Painting with Nicole Asendorf (Ages 7-14) Sundays

Students will be working with acrylic paint and palette knives to create a painting of their choice. Images will be provided for students to work from or they may bring their own. Demonstrations will be given to provide the students the skills they need to be successful when painting using this technique.Material List for Nicole’s Drawing Classes

Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Price: May 13 & 20 10am-12pm $75
Session Dates: May 13 & 20 10am-12pm ($75.00)
Repeating Dates: Sunday ($)

Watercolor Workshop with Nicole Asendorf (Ages 7-14)

Beginners are welcome! Students will be given step-by-step instructions on how to paint using watercolors. Each class the student will create a new painting. Choices of paintings could include but are not limited to landscapes, beach scenes, birds, butterflies, etc.  Sundays! 

Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Price: June 3 & 10 10am-12pm $75
Session Dates: June 3 & 10 10am-12pm ($75.00)

Classical Drawing FOR KIDS with Antonio Mastria


A beginner level class for kids. Learn the basics of: using your drawing materials, identifying basic shapes to build drawings with depth, develop an understanding of lighting value, and put it all together to make a cohesive drawing. Ages 6-12



Materials List

Newsprint pad 14 x 17 or 18 x 24

Drawing pad 11 x 14

Vine charcoal, medium hardness

Drawing pencils ( H, HB, 2B, 4B range)

Kneaded eraser

White vinyl eraser

Pencil sharpener

Antonio Mastria works as a freelance artist, contributing work to creator owned and small press comics. He is a graduate of the Joe Kubert school of cartoon a graphic art, where he studied the visual storytelling medium of comic books and illustration. Experienced in several mediums such as oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor painting, ink and digital media as well. Antonio has further studied drawing and painting with several instructors at the Wallkill River school.

Instructor: Antonio Mastria
Price: Saturdays 2:00 - 4:00 pm $120 non members $100 members
Session Dates: MAY 5, 12, 19 2-4:00 PM members ($75.00)
MAY 5, 12, 19 2-4:00 PM nonmember ($80.00)
MAY 5th ($25.00)
May 12th ($25.00)
May 19th ($25.00)

Summer Watercolor Studio with Liam Vogel (beginner level: ages 8-17)

This beginner level painting class is for kids and teens looking to get into the loose and colorful world of watercolor! Students will learn about the essential materials used in watercolor painting, the process of mixing, and how to strategically paint with layers. A wide range of fun and unique watercolor techniques will be used to create interesting textures and effects! Students will work from a mix of photographs and still life setups, to complete simple yet stunning works of art, the class will end with an observational floral painting. each class will finish with a comprehensive analysis of each students work, as well as a list of tips and projects that may be completed at home, if the student desires. basic student level materials will be supplied, but students are encouraged to bring specific specific brushes/paints, if they have them


week long session: $125

$35 for an individual session



Instructor: William Vogel
Session Dates: July 23-27 1:00pmm-3:00pm ($125)
Aug 13-17 10:00am-12:00pm ($125)
Individual session ($35)

Private Teen Portfolio Building-with Liam Vogel

Teens will practice the essentials of drawing and painting from observation such as how to sketch ellipses, symmetrical shapes, and work with value to create high-quality pieces of work for your portfolio. Whether you’re preparing your portfolio for college or honing your skills, working from observation is one of best ways to improve and maintain artistic skill. All equipment and materials provided. $25 per hour or online How an online class works

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $25/hour schedule a week in advance, afterschool or weekends
Session Dates: any hour you choose ($25.00)
online hour ($20.00)


This 2 hour class is designed to give students assistance in preparing their portfolio for college. This class is open to any students looking to put together a consistent, high quality, body of work. As Students review the 3 important parts of a fine art portfolio, we will complete high quality observational drawings, to build the quality of the portfolio.

SATURDAYS  12:00-2:00 pm

$30 per session

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $30
Session Dates: June 2nd Saturday 12:00-2:00 ($30.00)
June 9th Saturday 12:00-2:00 ($30.00)
June 16th Saturday 12:00-2:00 ($30.00)
June 23rd Saturday 12:00-2:00 ($30.00)
June 30th Saturday 12:00-2:00 ($30.00)
September TBA ($30.00)

Advanced Cartooning and Anime with Ayanna Terry

Advanced class building upon basic cartooning skills from Beginning Cartooning class (prerequisite). Take your cartoon character and make them move! Learn the skills needed to create a 3D world and build a story around your character. Saturdays, 2-4pm. All materials supplied. Open to ages 8 to 18.

Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: $100 for 4 sessions
Session Dates: June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Saturday 2-4:00 ($125.00)
June 2nd Saturday 2-4:00 ($25.00)
June 9th Saturday 2-4:00 ($25.00)
June 16th Saturday 2-4:00 ($25.00)
June 23rd Saturday 2-4:00 ($25.00)
June 30th Saturday 2-4:00 ($25.00)
try a class for free (new student only) ($0)

Summer Drawing and Painting Animals With Liam Vogel

Learn how to create beautifully realistic drawings and paintings of your favorite furry friends! In this workshop, you will learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques that will be used to create your very own animal themed masterpiece! Topics covered in the class will include drawing birds to learn anatomical proportion, drawing dogs and cats to learn how to render realistic fur textures, and learning how light and color can be used to make your furry friend as visually pleasing  as possible. Students will spend the first 2 classes learning all of the necessary foundational techniques, and will move into acrylic painting during the rest of the sessions to complete an artwork of their favorite animal! All Materials will be supplied, but if the student wishes to do their final painting larger than 8×10, they may bring their own stretched canvas (no larger than 18×24.) Students must register for all 5 sessions to participate in the class, no single day drop-ins permitted. This is a beginner level course designed for teens, and pre teens.

week long session: $125

$35 for an individual session


Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $125.00 for one week
Session Dates: July 16-20th 1:00-3:00 PM ($125.00)
August 6-10th 10:00 AM -12:00 PM ($125.00)
individual session ($35)

Sip and Paint With Nicole Asendorf


Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Dates: ($),
Session Dates: May 11th Washingtonville Faculty and Staff ($30.00)
cheshire cat: cookie and canvas July 9th 1-3pm ($30.00)

Private Lessons With Ayanna Terry

Private Lessons offered for $25.00/hour. Beginner level instruction offered in all fine art mediums, with specialized instruction offered in Illustration, Character Design, anime styled art, and Fashion Illustration. Online private lessons available!How an online class works

Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: $25.00
Session Dates: any hour ($25.00)
two hours ($40.00)
online hour ($20.00)
online two hours ($30.)

Teen Drop In With Ayanna Terry

Teen Drop In With Ayanna…. All Levels… All Mediums….

On-Going Saturdays  12:00-2:00


$25.00 per session.. 

Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: 25.00
Session Dates: Any Sat. 12-2pm ($25.00)
online for the next sat. ($10.)

Masterpiece Mondays with Nicole Asendorf

Each week a new artist or subject will be taught. A range of mediums will be explored. This is the perfect camp for those that cannot commit to a full week. All classes are appropriate for ages 6-12 unless otherwise specified.


July 9- Seurat Pointillism

Students will learn about artist, Georges Seurat and the painting technique of pointillism. Students will then create their own pointillist painting.


July 16- Warhol Printmaking

Students will look at works by artist, Andy Warhol and create a project based on Pop Art. Painting and printmaking skills will be taught.


July 23- Chamberlain & Found Sculpture

Students will create sculptures using found objects that are both from nature and man made. While students are encouraged to bring found objects of their own, the instructor will also provide some. Artist, John Chamberlains work will be used as inspiration. Joining techniques and sculptural terms such as “in the round” will be taught.


July 30- Paper Mache Fabric Bowls

Students will create a 3 dimensional bowl using both paper mache and fabric.


August 6- Matisse Cutout Collage

Henri Matisse will be the artist of inspiration for this class. We will look at his later works known as the “Cut-Outs”. Students will then be guided to create a “Cut-out” of their own. Basic skills of cutting, color, positive and negative space, and collage will be discussed.


August 13- A Day at the Beach

The focus of this class is the beach. Students will be given step-by-step instructions for painting a beach scene using acrylic paint. Beginners are welcome!


August 20- Art Making Fun Ages 4-6

This class is designed for your littlest artist.



Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Price: 9am-12pm $50.00 a session
Session Dates: July 30- Paper Mache Fabric Bowls ($50.00)
August 6- Matisse Cutout Collage ($50.00)
August 13- A Day at the Beach ($50.00)
August 20- Art Making Fun Ages 4-6 ($50.00)

Private Lessons with Nicole Asendorf

Nicole will come to your house ($50/hour) or meet you at our school ($40/hour) for one to two children, or online for $20/hour. She teaches painting and drawing lessons for children ages 4 and up.How an online class works

Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Price: $50/hour at your house, $40/hour at our school
Session Dates: you set the date for your house ($50.00)
you set the date for our school ($40.00)
you set the date for online lesson ($20.00)

Summer Pastel Studio with Liam Vogel

This beginner level class is intended to give students a basic understanding of pastel painting techniques. Students will learn the importance of color, composition, and value, while using a variety of pastel painting approaches. students will work from still life setups to produce completed drawings, which we will critique as a group, in an attempt to discover the strengths/weaknesses of each student individually! basic student level materials will be supplied, but students are encouraged to bring specific specific pastels/papers if they have them.

an advanced version of this class will be offered the week of August 27-31 from 1:00-3:00pm for students who are looking to learn more complex pastel skills, or for students who have taken the pastel studio class, and enjoyed it. ( basic drawing skills required for the advanced session)



Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $125 for week
Session Dates: July 30- August 3rd 10:00am-12:00pm ($125)
Aug 20-24 1:00pm-3:00pm ($125)
Advanced session Aug 27-31 1:00-3:00 ($125)
individual session ($35)

Beginning Illustration Summer Workshop with Ayanna Terry

Illustration exists everywhere in the world around us, from television to books. Young ones who are interested in how to create through this stylized form of art are welcome to this week long summer camp. Children will learn the building blocks of illustration, from line and form to value and color. Students will have the ability to illustrate whatever comes to their imagination by the end of the course.

Ideal for ages 5-10 but older students are welcome and will be given more advance projects.

This is a week long course with morning sessions from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Wallkill River School









Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Dates: ($), ($),
Session Dates: Aug 6-10th 10:00-12:00 PM ($125.00)
Aug 27-31st 10:00-12:00 PM ($125.00)

Advanced Illustration Summer Workshop with Ayanna Terry

Are you a young illustrator looking to grow your abilities and skill-set? Then look no further! This summer camp provides guidance to the future artists of the world through illustrative techniques and multiple mediums, such as ink, markers, color pencils, and watercolor, and . Students will not only walk away with a stronger skill set, but also companions that share their love of the arts.

Ideal for ages 11-17.

This is a week long course which runs from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm Monday – Friday.


Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: $125.00 for one week
Session Dates: Aug 6-10th 1:00-3:00 PM ($125.00)
Aug 27-31st 1:00-3:00 PM ($125.00)

Fashion Illustration Summer Workshop with Ayanna Terry

Fashion has existed for centuries as a form of expression. For those who want to express their sense of style through illustration, this is the class for you! Students will learn the techniques necessary to convey their ideas, such as using textures and color. By the end of the summer course, every student will have their own illustrative line of work to show off!

Ideal for ages 5-13 but older students are welcome and will be given more advanced projects.

This is a week long workshop which runs Monday – Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Wallkill River School


Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: $125.00 for one week
Session Dates: Aug 13-17th 10:00-12:00 PM ($125.00)

Cel Animation Summer Workshop with Ayanna Terry

Many may remember classic cartoons such as The Looney Tunes and The Flintstones. These cartoons were only made possible through celluloids, the roots of the animation industry. Although modern day technology has revolutionized the process, the influence of cel animation still remains. In this week long course, students will learn about the history and process of cel animation and use their newfound knowledge to create their own animation!

This course is ideal for ages 11-17.

This is a week long workshop which runs Monday-Friday from 1:00-3:00 pm.


Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: $125.00 for one week
Session Dates: Aug 13-17th 1:00-3:00 PM ($125.00)

Watercolor Pencils with Ayanna Terry

Learn to draw with this exciting medium which combines the control and precision of pencil drawing with the beautiful color blending of paint.  This is a very popular choice for kids who enjoy drawing and color pencils and want to take it a step further.

Materials:  Children need to bring their own set of watercolor pencils and watercolor pad (available from craft stores)

Ages 6-12

This is a week-long class from 10:00-12:00 PM at the Wallkill River School

Instructor: Ayanna Terry
Price: $125.00 for one week
Session Dates: Aug 20-24 10:00-12:00 PM ($125.00)