Gallery Calendar

Attention Artists!

Gallery Exhibits: If you are interested in participating in a group exhibit, please read the appropriate prospectus to find out more.  Any artist can participate as long as they submit their work before the deadline for any given exhibit.  In 2019, there is no fee to submit, but there will be a hang fee for non-members.  If you are an Artist Level Member with us, you will receive 10 waived hang fees throughout the year.   Click here to download a calendar of our group exhibits

Hallway Theme:  Artist Members may also participate in the monthly themed hallway exhibits, by bringing one thematic piece of work, on the 15th of every month.  Themes can be found below.  Click here to download our hallway exhibit themes

Receptions:  Wallkill River School will hold a free reception on the first Saturday of every month from 5:00-7:00 PM. This is a wonderful opportunity to see the new works, enjoy refreshments, and engage with local artists!

January 2019

Reception:  January 12th 4:00-7:00 PM

9th Annual Member’s Show

January 6-31st  A group exhibit open to all current 2019 members of the Wallkill River School.

Annual Member’s Meeting and Awards Ceremony

January 12th 3-5:00 PM – Can’t make the meeting? Please fill out this proxy and return to WRS:  2019-Members-Proxy

Hallway Theme:  COLOR! (Drop off by  Jan. 15th)


February 2019

Reception: February 2nd 5:00-7:00 PM

Teaching Artists Exhibit

February 2-28th Featuring works by the WRS teachers and live demonstrations every Saturday in February.

Victoria Falevich  Emerging Artist

February 2-28th   This is the first solo exhibit of works by this precocious 11 year old.

Hallway Theme:  Portrait of a Tree (Drop off by Feb. 15th)


March 2019

Reception: March 2, 2019 5:00-7:00 PM

Capturing Humanity

March 2-30th  Group Exhibit of Portraits and Figurative Works Juried by Michael Tobin.  Click Here for the Capturing Humanity Exhibit Prospectus ( Deadline to Submit : February 15th )

Michael Tobin  Alchemy in Portraiture:  Painting What You Love

March 2-30th  This is art for the artist’s sake. No sales, no gallery dictating subject and style. When the magic happens, the artist might feel a presence on the canvas, even when the subject is a still life.

Janet Howard Fatta  Present in the Moment:  Painterly Figure Studies

March 2-30th  This exhibit offers a rare look at the beautiful, expressive and bold figure studies by acclaimed portrait artist Janet Howard Fatta.   Each piece was done in one sitting in 20 minutes or less, giving the work a freshness and vigor not seen in longer sittings.

Hallway Theme:   Children’s Artwork (Drop off by March 15th)


April 2019

Reception:  April 6th 5:00-7:00 PM


April 2nd-April 27th A group exhibit of artworks depicting living flowers in their natural environments juried by award winning artist Janet Howard Fatta. Click Here for the Unclipped Exhibit Prospectus (Deadline to Submit: March 7th)

100/100 Exhibit

April 2nd-27th  Live Calling Saturday, April 27th from 6:00-9:00 PM  This is the annual fundraiser for our children’s summer art scholarships.  We will exhibit 100 paintings, drawings, fine crafts and gifts worth $100 or more.  100 numbered tickets will be sold which gives the bearer entrance to the Live Calling Party and their choice of art works when their number is called.

100/100 Live Calling

The Live Calling is an elegant party with lavish food and festive drinks.  When a ticket holder’s number is drawn, they can choose any of the unclaimed works.  Buy a ticket, bring a friend, take home a piece of original art and give a local child access to art classes this summer!

Hallway Theme:  Photography (Drop off by April 15th)


May 2019

Reception:  May 4th 5:00-7:00 PM 

Abstract Visions

May 1-30th  A juried group exhibit of artworks that utilize abstraction to convey an idea or sense of space.  Click Here to Download the Abstract Visions Prospectus (Deadline to Submit:  April 7th)

Nancy Reed Jones   Painting With Light: Luminous Acrylic Painting

May 1-30th  Come see the newest works by Nancy Reed Jones, best known for her romantic landscapes which seem to glow from within.

Hallway Theme:  Water (Drop off by May 15th)


June 2019

Reception:  June 1st 5:00-7:00 PM

Fluid Versus Control

June 1-30th A juried group exhibit that showcases contrasting watercolor techniques.  Click Here to Download the Fluid Vs Control Prospectus  (Deadline to Submit:  May 7th)

Tom Heddrich  Watercolor

June 1-30th

Hallway Theme:  Delicious (Drop off by June 15th)


July 2019

Reception:  July 6th 5:00-7:00 PM


July 2-31st A group exhibit honoring the fine art of drawing, juried by Emi Okubo.  Click Here for the Graphite Exhibit Prospectus (Deadline to Submit: June 7th)

Emi Okubo  Rytidome Project  

July 2-31st An exhibit of detailed pencil drawings by Japanese born artist Emi Okubo.  Rhytidome is the outer layer of tree bark, composed mostly of dead cells.  It covers the trunks of trees, sitting on younger layers, protecting, nurturing.  Bark can be strongly flavored, provide stain, toxins and medicines, it is home for many creatures, it accepts and adapts.  It is where life and death meet.

Hallway Theme:  Black and White (Drop off by July 15th)


August 2019

Reception:  August 3rd 5:00-7:00 PM

Seniors and Kids

August 2-31st  A group exhibit featuring works by local artists over 65 and child artists under 18.  Click Here for the Seniors and Kids Exhibit Prospectus  (Deadline to Submit: July 7th)

Hallway Theme:  Pets (Drop off  by Aug 15th)


September 2019

Reception: September 7th 5:00-7:00 PM

Brilliant Birds

September 4-29th A group exhibit featuring works that emphasize the brilliant colors, patterns, and textures of birds.  Click Here for the Brilliant Birds Exhibit Prospectus (Deadline to Submit: August 14th)

Lisa O’Gorman Wondrous Wildlife: Conveying the Beauty of the Natural World

September 4-29th

Mary Hosking Emerging Artist Exhibit

September 4-29th

Hallway Theme: Dawn and Dusk (Drop off by Sept. 15th)


October 2019

Reception: October 5th 5:00-7:00 PM

Autumn Revels

October 1-31st A juried group exhibit featuring artwork that evokes the distinct atmosphere and feeling of the fall season.  Click Here for the Autumn Revels Exhibit Prospectus (Deadline to Submit: September 7th)

Catherine De Cesare Deconstructing with Color and Shape

October 1-31st  Selected works by in oil by Catherine De Cesare

Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival – Quick Draw! Competition

October 13th  9:00 am to 12:00 pm Monroe Farmer’s Market on Millpond Parkway, Monroe.  Painting competition open to all artists, not only festival participants.  Painters check in at 8:30, at 11:30 work will be displayed on easels for public display and judging.  12:00 pm Awards given.

Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival Exhibition

October 13th  Reception and Sale 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm Plein Air painters from across the nation will be displaying new works created in the Hudson Valley during the festival.

An Intimate Evening of Jazz with Judi Silvano’s Zephyr Band

October 26th 7:30 pm  to 9:30 pm Special Benefit Concert for the Wallkill River School.  This is a unique chance to experience these internationally acclaimed artists in our small, intimate setting.  Judi Silvano’s Zephyr Band features Bruce Arnold and Kenny Wessel on guitars and Special Guest Grammy Award Winner Joe Lovano.  VIP tickets and general admittance on sale now  BUY TICKETS HERE

Hallway Theme:  Pen and Ink (Drop off by Oct. 15th)


November 2019

Reception:  November 2nd 5:00-7:00 PM

Still Life: Portraying People Through Objects

November 2-30th A group exhibit juried by Maaike Wiegman-Leavey featuring still life paintings which tell a story or create meaning through the choice of objects.  Click Here for the Still Life Prospectus

(Deadline to Submit: October 7th)

William Noonan  Objects of Interest:  A Collection of Still Life Works

November 2-30th

Judi Silvano  Creative Diversity:  Abstraction Using Different Artistic Mediums

November 2-30th

Hallway Theme:  Miniatures (Drop off  by Nov 15th)


December 2019

Reception: December 5th 4:00-7:00 PM

Unique Multiples

December 3-31st  A group exhibit juried by Debbie Davis exploring printmaking through hand printed etching, screen printing, and relief prints. Click Here for the Unique Multiples Prospectus Deadline to Submit: November 7th)

Large and Small 

December 3-31s An exhibit of artworks of drastically different sizes juried by Sarah McKay of the Orange County Arts Council.  Click Here for the Large and Small Works Prospectus (Deadline to Submit: November 7th)

Hallway Theme: Ice and Pine Needles (Drop off by Dec. 15th)


January 2020

Annual Members Show

January 4-30th A collection of works by WRS members.  An eclectic mix of works by professional artists, teachers and students.  Open to current, 2020 members of any membership level.




The Emerging Artists are Orange County based artists who have never had a solo show before.  We mentor these new artists by partnering them with more established artists and helping them develop a bio, portfolio, and an exhibition.  This mentorship is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State legislature.


Art/History Trail is a partnership where 12 artists have been painting on 12 heritage tourism sites throughout Orange County. The artists will show their work in our galleries in solo shows through the year.  The trail is featured on a geo-cache map on our website and O.C. Tourisms. It is open to the public. The Art/History Trail is made possible by the HUdson River Valley National Heritage Grant through Greenway with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State legislature.