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Watch the Video of the Live Calling on June 13, 2020 6:00 PM

Results Listed by Ticket Number

Winnings marked as “After” were ticket numbers who either we did not receive selections for or whose wish lists were exhausted by the time their ticket was called.  We will contact these ticket holders in order of their drawing and allow them to pick from the remaining works.  Ticket holders will have 24 hours to respond before we move on to the next “After” ticket holder.


Ticket # Item Won
01 A078
02 A042
03 A069
04 A036
05 After #5
06 A008
07 A026
08 A007
09 A081
10 A016
11 A035
12 Donation
13 After #2
14 A021
15 A002
16 A085
17 A068
18 A019
19 A029
20 A065
21 A082
22 After #7
23 Surprise Me!
24 Surprise Me!
25 After #4
26 A091
27 A011
28 A073
29 A020
30 A044
31 A070
32 A023
33 A004
34 Surprise Me!
35 A074
36 G100
37 Donation
38 A009
39 A098
40 A040
41 A048
42 A089
43 A015
44 A075
45 A003
46 A072
47 A027
48 A045
49 A046
50 A041
51 A031
52 A096
53 A093
54 A061
55 A038
56 After #8
57 A033
58 A077
59 A067
60 G101
61 After #3
62 A024
63 A025
64 A001
65 A090
66 A087
67 A013
68 A043
69 A066
70 A080
71 A076
72 A088
73 A032
74 A083
75 A022
76 A084
77 A055
78 A018
79 A058
80 After #6
81 After #1

Scroll down to see this year’s art selections!

Be Part of the Arts!  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, this is our biggest fundraiser of the year!   We rely on this event to fund our operations and especially our free community programs such as: Free Classes for Veterans, Free Senior Drop-in, Scholarship Fund for Kid’s Summer Art Programs

What is the 100 for $100?

We have received donations of original art & gifts, each worth over $100 (some worth many times over that), and we are selling tickets for $100 a piece.  Every ticket is a winner and the purchaser will take a piece of original art home.  Here is how it works:

Buy your ticket online.  View the artwork online, make your selections on the green return mail card and drop it in the mail to us.  You may also email your selections to us at

We cannot hold an in-person party this year, but we will still hold a Live Calling starting at 6:00 PM Saturday, June 13th.

When your number is called from the random drawing, we will consult your wish list and reserve one of your choices from the works which have not been claimed yet.

We will invite you to a video conference so you can watch live and know right away which painting you have won.

Your painting will be wrapped and waiting for you to pick-up when you are able to come collect it.

We really wanted to throw you a big party this year, and although we can’t, please know how  VERY, VERY grateful we are for your support in this trying and difficult year.

About your ticket… Thank you! For your charitable contribution to our non-profit 501(c)(3) arts organization!


Please enjoy looking!  Make your selections by item number, for example, “A014″ or” A056″ and mail back the pre-addressed green card or email your ticket number and selections to subject: 100 for $100.

We have included a ruler for scale.  The works are presented with their frames in the photo, if they are available as framed work. If the photo does not include a frame, it is probably an unframed work and you will need to frame it.  The artist name is included with the item number when known.

All of the images are in!  Make your selections and either mail your green postcard back to us or email the item numbers to ASAP!

We have two gift certificates available this year (click on the links for more information):

G100 Gift Certificate for Web Design Consultation

G101 Gift Cert for Pet Portrait by Vicki ONeill