“This organization has worked very hard to meld together (arts and agriculture) resulting in a greater awareness for both arts and farming in our communities.”
–Susan Hawvermale, Director of Tourism, Orange County Tourism Office

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“We enthusiastically support this innovative project of integrating the artists and farmers to create agri/cultural tourism in Orange County.”
-David Church, Commissioner, Orange County Planning Office

“I am very pleased to support the efforts of Wallkill River School and partners to improve our regional economic development.”
-former Representative Maurice Hinchey


“The Wallkill River School is one of the cornerstones of the Orange County arts community. The school offers scholarships and free classes to youth, seniors and veterans and still has more than enough to offer our more established artists. It has been and continues to be an economic driver for the county, as well as a strong advocate for the important role the arts play in our communities. They are collaborative and innovative partners and the Arts Council is proud and happy to claim them for Orange County.”

-Dawn Ansbro, Executive Director of Orange County NY Arts Council

walden savings

“Thank you for your steadfast commitment to our community – we are proud to have you in our neighborhood!”
-Joann Menendez, Vice President , WALDEN SAVINGS BANK

“WRS is the perfect fusion of artistic expression, community education, agricultural sustainability, youth development and promotion of our local economy, fostering good stewardship packaged in a fun format!”
-Andrea Nilon, Patron of Wallkill River School

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“Wallkill River School has worked with area farmers to promote local products in several ways.”
–Lucy Joyce, Acting Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension-Orange County

“It has been wonderful to have Shawn Dell Joyce and all the members of the Wallkill River School bring culture to our community; they are a great asset and we are happy to have them.”
– Marc Devitt, Devitt Management