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Pat Abramo

Pat Abramo has long aspired to capture on paper and canvas the beauty of the world around her,
whether found in the faces of her friends and family or in the amazing sites she has seen in her travels
around the world.

Pat Abramo vividly remembers when she received her first big box of ingeniously named crayons and
was in absolute thrall over the many colors that it contained. Her eyes now open to the possibilities, she
found herself driven to consider how those colors presented themselves in the world around her.
A sketcher from the time she could first hold a pencil, Abramo made the leap to oils in her teens. Over
the ensuing years, she dabbled in pastels and watercolors but always returned to her first love. “I find
such freedom in painting with oils,” she says. “Oils give me the time I need to develop my paintings.”
Although her degree is in biology, Abramo minored in fine arts. Studying the great artists gave her a
foundation in color theory, light values, and style. Her university did not offer studio art courses, but one
rebellious professor defied the rule and started holding “underground” art classes to students willing to
buck the system and keep a secret. Abramo gladly joined the artistic rebellion.
Now semi-retired, Abramo has time to improve her technique and looks forward to adding new media
to her art life.