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Lisa O’Gorman

Lisa O’Gorman grew up in Yonkers, NY and moved to the Hudson Valley in 1990.  She has an intense connection to nature that stems from long hikes in the Hudson Valley countryside.  O’Gorman is particularly drawn to painting landscapes and wildlife.  She has a successful pet portrait business as well, donating portraits to foundations such as the Rockhill ASPCA, Rescue for Life-Labrador Retriever Rescue, and Art for Shelter Animals Project.  Her love of animals exceeds the edges of the canvas and takes over her home life as well.  Previously, she has trained lab pups for Puppies Behind Bars, a program that teaches incarcerated people how to train pups as future service companions and explosive detection canines.

A member and represented artist of the Wallkill River School for seven years, the artist has extended her commitments this year, joining the Wurtsboro Arts Alliance, and Mearns Bird Club of Orange County.  Discovery of new feathered friends continues to inspire her creation of gourd critters, and birdhouses made from the gourds grown in her backyard.

For the past several years O’Gorman has participated in many of the area’s fundraisers.  She has donated to the Hill Hold Museum Benefit, the Benedict Town Park Benefit, the Winding Hills Golf Course Benefit, Stone Church Day Auction in Cragsmoor, NY, CSA-Phillies Bridge Farm Benefit, and the Elant Foundation of Newburgh.

Hiking extensively along the Shawangunk Ridge, Catskills, and even into Maine, O’Gorman has been inspired to create many plein air works.  On Sunday afternoons, plein air painting with the Walkill River School, she often catches glimpses of wildlife that she quickly works into her paintings.  “I paint what I believe in what moves me spiritually.  I don’t always know why I stop at a particular scene, it’s a feeling I respond to, not intellect.”