Alan Lewis

Alan Lewis first made serious art at age 12 after being prompted by his friend Joe, who was already an accomplished artist at the ripe age of 16. In the time following Alan produced art very sporadically in different mediums, but thought of it as something to get serious about someday. ┬áIn 2013 that day arrived when he set out to figure out how in the world watercolor works, and why a watercolor painting could so quickly go wrong. Thanks to the resources available on the internet and in art instruction books, he is closer to figuring out the answer and may get it someday. Along the way he picked up the advice of trying to paint every day, and in his first year of painting he produced 500 paintings, and hopes to equal this in the current year of painting. It is a nice change of pace from the stressful day-job of social worker. His goal is to capture some sense of the world’s beauty, and to pass that on to the viewer. What he continues to find appealing about the medium of watercolor is not only the wonderful effects it can produce, but also that it lends itself towards an approach of completing a painting with one sitting. After finding the Wallkill River School of Art on a Google search, Alan painted his first plein air works, made his first sales, and continues to be thankful for all the support he has received there.