“Collage :An Art Odyssey” A Bernie Wasserman Production.


Our Mission

To cultivate art and creativity in individuals of all ages and to use art to strengthen our community and attract cultural tourism. This mission is accomplished by providing classes, exhibits, cultural forums, plein air painting opportunities on farms, open spaces, historic sites, and creative place-making projects throughout the region. Also to support artists by offering opportunities to teach, exhibit, mentor, and work with nationally-established artists.

We run a gallery representing 40 Orange County based artists featured in monthly exhibits, with an art leasing program, and apprenticeship program to encourage the next generation of emerging artists. We run an art school that offers fine art instruction for adults and children in painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, clay, and offers many regional artists the opportunity to teach their skill. We have been called “Orange County’s first homegrown arts movement” by Hudson Valley Magazine and the Times Herald Record.


Sarah Fortner-Pierson, Executive Director 1 yr
Liam Vogel, Gallery Director, 3 yrs

Board of Directors

meets the third Tues. of each month at 6pm at WRS

Chairperson: Penny Thelman, pthelman@yahoo.com, leads Fundraising Committee, Patron Board, Long Range Financial Planning Committee
President: Chuck Tudor
Vice President:Maureen Crush
Secretary: Janet Campbell,
Asst. Secretary: Chrissy Pahucki
Treasurer: Laurie Ellison
Asst. Treasurer: Jeanne Cook
Shawn Dell Joyce, Program Director, 19 years (Founder 2001)
Mitchell Saler, Shawn Dell Joyce


Capital Campaign Committee-Chair: Maureen Crush, Alanna Smith, Penny Thelman,  Shawn Dell Joyce meets monthly as needed
Patron Board-Chair-Penny Thelman, meets yearly in May.
Teacher’s Committee-Chair Chuck Tudor
Curator’s Committee-Chair: Shawn Dell Joyce, Liam Vogel (gallery director)
Hudson Valley Plein Air Festival Committee-Chair: Chrissy Pahucki, Shawn Dell Joyce, Mitchell Saler, Janet Howard-Fatta
Advertising Committee-Chair: Wendy Troncone
Cornell Cooperative Master Gardeners-Chair: Lily Norton, meets the Friday before each reception at 1pm at WRS.
Arts and Ag Committee-Chair: Shawn Dell Joyce, meets as needed.
Long Range Financial Planning Committee-meets 30 minutes before the monthly board meeting.

2019-01-12 Annual Report on 2018