Kids Summer Art Programs 2017

PLEASE NOTE: Outdoor art programs happen at Benedict Town Park, 1675 State Route 17K, Montgomery, Indoor art programs happen in our Montgomery galleries, 232 Ward St..

50 Scholarships available to specially-talented or financially qualified families. Scholarship Application


Mommy Time! Mom’s drop your child off for an art class and spend a little quiet time yourself! Enjoy coloring in our adult coloring book in a quiet place for two hours. Tea, coffee and cookies provided. Just a little bit of time to yourself to relax and decompress! $10 for the coloring book, use our colors or colored pencils, and enjoy a quiet space for the time your child is in class for the whole week!

Absolute Beginners Drawing with Shawn Dell Joyce

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.27.41 AMAbsolute beginner’s drawing class with Shawn Dell Joyce – Joyce teaches the global skill of drawing in 6 basic component skills: sketching, shading, value, perspective, proportion and composition. If you can sign your name legibly, you can learn how to draw realistically! Perfect first art class,or workshop for artists who are “just getting back into it.” Each session builds upon the basic skills, so you can continue drawing each month, or start at any point. Skills such as drawing exactly what you see-from direct observation, and being able to see and sketch 5 distinct values from light to dark are taught each month. Learn how to sight; gauge measurements and draw in perspective, and correct proportion. Draw still lifes, portraits and individual objects using a variety of drawing media like charcoal and pencils. Four consecutive classes on Saturdays 10-noon or as a Summer Art Program for children and teens!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 7.02.51 AM


Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: Materials Included $125
Session Dates: any single class ($30.00)
July 17-21, 1-3 ($125.00)

Portraiture with Liam!

Liam VogelLearn the basics of anatomical proportion, shading to capture skin tones, and getting a good likeness! Fun class drawing faces and portraits from busts and live models. Learn how to use charcoal and graphite. Materials supplied (sketchbook, charcoal, white pastel, pencils) For experienced artistic children, pre-teens, and teens.

Session runs 1 week $125.00–(July 24-28)(August 22-27) 1:00-3:00pm


Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $125. Mon.-Fri. 1-3pm
Dates: ($),
Session Dates: July 24-28 ($125.00)
August 22-26 ($125.00)
Repeating Dates: Sunday ($)

Sketching with Shawn Dell Joyce

Sketching from direct observation in nature! Open to children, adults and teens! Follow in the Footsteps of Jane Colden, and learn about Coldenham’s founding family, and America’s first female botanist; Jane Colden, who at 13, identified indigenous plants in our region. Participants will learn to identify and draw at least 10 indigenous plants, and keep a sketchbook with botanical notes and illustrations. Participants will learn the basics sketching from direct observation (plants, fields, buildings), and plant identification. Field hikes (walking) every day and sketchbooks plus materials provided to take home.  All ages welcome! Camp happens at Benedict Town Park in Montgomery$125 10-noon, Mon-Fri. 

Following in the Footsteps of Jane Colden

Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: $125 from 10-noon, all materials provided
Session Dates: July 31-Aug. 4 ($125.00)
Single day w/materials ($30.00)

Art of Balance with Karen Gersch!

Circus skills & thrills return to Wallkill!   Longtime circus artist Karen Gersch teaches how to balance objects, balance yourself and balance others!  All props provided, as well as costumes for each session’s end performance, where kids get to show their newfound skills to their friends and family.   NEW THIS SUMMER: introducing tightwire & rolling globe, as well as juggling, hula hoops, devil sticks, rola bola, tumbling and partner acrobatics.   Hurry, hurry, hurry – join the Wallkill River Little Top!

acrosbatics karen gersch

Instructor: Karen Gersch
Price: $125 for Mon.-Friday 10am-noon
Session Dates: any single class ($30.00)
July 10-14 ($125.00)
July 31-Aug. 4 ($125.00)
Aug. 7-11 ($125.00)
Aug. 14-18 ($125.00)
Aug. 21-25 ($125.00)

Nerf Camp! - with Ronan, Philip and Greg!

Great camp for boys and tomboys! Children will learn play imaginative war games based on World War II, Zombie Infection Games, and Scavenger Hunt style games. Great camp to get the kids out of the house, and away from the video/t.v. Please note that this camp will take place at Benedict Park and will be held outdoors rain/shine with shelter. Water and low-sugar snacks will be served.  Class led by two adults and one teen helpers. $125, 10:15am-noon Min. of  6 max. 14 per week


Instructor: Philip Barron
Price: $125/week
Session Dates: July 10-14 10-12 ($125.00)
July 17-21, 10am-12 ($125.00)
July 24-28, 10am-12 ($125.00)
July 31, Aug. 4 ($125.00)
August 7-11 ($125.00)
August 14-18 ($125.00)

Pizza Party Lunch Between Camps

children cookingYour child gets to have pizza for lunch everyday! Plus hang out with a teen for the hour between the morning session of summer camp and the afternoon session begins. We supply drinks and pizza for $50/week per child. If your child is registered at a camp happening in our main building and at Benedict Park, transportation will be provided from the park to the building for the afternoon session with a licensed adult. If transportation is provided you must sign a waiver:  Hold Harmless. If your child is not transported than a waiver is not necessary.

Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: $50/week
Dates: ($),
Session Dates: July 10-14 ($50)
July 17-21 ($50)
July 24-28 ($50)
July 31-Aug. 4 ($50)
August 7-11 ($50)
August 14-18 ($50)
August 21-25 ($50)

“Painting with the Stars” with Shawn Dell Joyce

Paint with the Art Stars! Learn about the Old Masters and a few modern/contemporary artists as well! Great class to learn about art history and different art making techniques. Each class you will be introduced to the work of a different artist, and work from the same subject using the same materials as that artist, and make a complete painting every day! Classical art training for children, easy to follow, step-by-step instruction, painting from direct observation using real art materials, easels, and still lifes. Class happens at Wallkill River School.  10-Noon Materials provided (ages 8-15) Adult may join in with child for $10/day extra for the week! children-painting

Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: $125 for the week per child, $50/week for adult
Session Dates: Adult 1 class only ($20.00)
July 17-21, 10am-12 ($125.00)
August 21-25, 10am-noon ($125.00)
Adult for week ($50.00)

Drawing a Comic Strip with Catherine DeMaio

8-12yrs. learn to draw your own cartoon characters, developing a cartoon story, and produce your own comic strip. Please bring a 9×12 drawing pad (30 sheets) and a set of colored pencils. 10:00am-12:00pm, $125, July 17-21

Instructor: Cathy DeMaio
Price: $125.00
Session Dates: July 17-21 ($125.00)

All About Art for Children

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.27.41 AMSuperfun art program for the child who LOVES art and wants to learn how to do all different things like sketching, drawing with colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, watercolors, and more. Children will get a 100 PIECE ART KIT, SKETCH PAD as part of the class! YIPPEE! All materials included!

Monday; learn to draw a still life from observation, make several sketches playing “musical easels”

Tuesday: Take your best sketch of the still life and turn it into a painting using watercolor (learn basic watercolor techniques)

Wednesday: Learn to use oil pastels by scratchboarding

Thursday: Learn to use colored pencils to shade and create values, mix colors and blend!

Friday: Learn to use markers to create many different techniques including water and alcohol washes, airbrush, etc.



Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: $125 (materials included)
Session Dates: July 10-14, 1-3pm ($125.00)
Aug. 7-11, 1-3pm ($125.00)

CLOWNING or The Art of Being Funny!

A SERIOUS look at how to be funny!   Comedy Acrobat Karen Gersch explores the world of clown and physical humor.   Students study elements of timing, slapstick, falls, slaps, trips and learn how to create their own character.  All props and costumes provided.  Each session will close with a performance in which children present individual routines of their own creation, as well as group clown acts.  The perfect place for children who like drama and theatre, dance or gymnastics, or who are known for making their classmates and families laugh!
Instructor: Karen Gersch
Price: $125 for five days; Mon.-fri, 1-3pm
Session Dates: try any one class ($30.00)
July 10-14 ($125.00)
July 31-Aug. 4 ($125.00)
Aug. 7-11 ($125.00)
Aug. 14-18 ($125.00)
Aug. 21-25 ($125.00)

Outdoor (plein air) Painting for Beginners with Shawn Dell!

Ages 7 and up-adult Have you ever wanted to paint the outdoors like the Impressionists? Now is your opportunity! Every day students will have the opportunity to paint a new outdoor scene at the beautiful Benedict Farm Park in Montgomery using a different media each day. Various painting techniques and the use of color will be learned and discussed, follow along step by step starting with a value sketch and ending with a finished piece. Class is open to children and adults, all materials provided including easels, canvas, etc. Join for a day or a week!  10am-12pm Materials Included $125





Friday-free choice

Instructor: Shawn Dell Joyce     [View Instructor Video]
Price: Mon.-Fri. 10am-12pm at Benedict Farm Park, 1675 Route 17K Montgomery
Dates: ($),
Session Dates: July 10-14, 10am-12 ($125.00)
August 7-11 ($125.00)
single class ($30.00)

Scavenger Sculpture workshop with Amy!

AGRISCULPTURE Amy at Storm King Art CenterEver find an object and think, “Wow, this would make a great _____ but how would I ever create that?”  Walk the beautiful Benedict Farm Park with AGRISCULPTURE founder Amy Lewis, find natural and man made objects of interest, and learn strategies for transformation!   From architectural joinery to high-heat cutting and bonding, Amy will safely demonstrate fine art sculpture techniques for combining your finds with other supplied materials… with an end result of a totally unique sculpture to bring home!  Designed for ages 5 to 15 years,  open to children, teens and adults, happens at Benedict Town Park.


Instructor: Amy Lewis
Price: $125/week 10-noon M-F
Session Dates: July 24 - 28 10am -noon ($125.00)
July 31 - Aug 4 10am-noon ($125.00)

Costuming and Dress Up with Sara

“Princesses! Creatures! Superheroes! Oh my! This class will allow students to use their artistic skills and their imagination to bring their creative fantasy worlds to life! Students will learn how to make various costume accessories to have fun as a fairy princess, a monster, a superhero, or an animal (magical or not!). This is an excellent way for kids to learn DIY techniques to create simple costumes while still making their accessories uniquely their own. Students are welcome to come to class already dressed up, and they will end the week with new costumes to add to their collections!” Ages 5+Renaissance Faire 2016_0022
Instructor: Sara Tomazzolli
Price: $125 for the week
Session Dates: July 10-14, 1-3pm ($125.00)
July 17-21, 1-3pm ($125.00)
July 31-August 4 , 1-3pm ($125.00)
August 7-11, 1-3pm ($125.00)

Sewing and Fiber Art Class with Stefanie Hixon

 for ages 8 and above. Children will have fun creating projects using silk flowers, cloth, felt, thread, string and needles or glue. They will get the opportunity to learn some basic hand sewing skills and make a small stuffed animal (many patterns to choose from). The first class project will be selected by the instructor, but future ones will be based on the desires of the children. Many different designs to choose from.
$125 (5 classes) August 14-18. 1-3pm


Instructor: Debbe Cushman Femiak
Price: $125 for Mon.-Fri., 1-3pm
Session Dates: August 14-18, 1-3pm ($125.00)

Liam's Cartooning Fun!

Learn basic drawing techniques to draw your favorite cartoon characters, as well as create some of your own! Each day will focus on a different skill used by professionals when creating their own cartoons, and will build on what we learned in the previous class. By the end of the week, each student will have created their own cartoon character, and completed their own original cartoon story using that character. This class is designed for total beginners, with no experience necessary. Recommended for all ages, but geared towards younger audiences. Materials supplied!

One week of classes $125.00 – (July 3-7) (August 7-11) 1:00-3:00pm

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $125.00
Session Dates: July 3-7 ($125.00)
August 7-11 ($125.00)

Liam's Advanced Illustration/Anime Fun

Advanced Illustration/Anime Fun


 Learn techniques that Anime artists use, and the basic anatomy of an Anime character, so you can create your own! Each class will focus on a different aspect of Anime/Manga drawing that will lead up to making your own Anime/Manga character, and a story to go along with them. Build up your skills and portfolio! This is the moderate level, recommended for all ages, but geared towards those with a basic understanding and interest in drawing. This class is geared towards pre teens and teens with intermediate experience, so make sure you have taken a basic cartooning class. Materials supplied.


Session runs One week $125.00 – (July 10-14) (August 14-18) 1:00-3:00pm

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: $125.00
Session Dates: August 14-18 ($125.00)
July 10-14 ($125.00)

Drawing and Painting Animals with Liam

 in this week long workshop, you will learn a variety of drawing and painting techniques that will be used to create your very own animal themed masterpiece! Topics covered in the class will include drawing birds to learn anatomical proportion, drawing dogs and cats to learn how to create fur textures, and learning how light and color can be used to make your furry friend as beautiful as possible. Students will spend the first 2 classes learning drawing techniques, and will move into acrylic painting during the rest of the sessions to complete an artwork of their favorite animal! Materials supplied, if the student wishes to work larger than 9×10, they may bring their own stretched canvas (no larger than 18×24)

one week of class $125.00– (July 31st -August 4th) 1:00-3:00pm

Instructor: William Vogel
Price: 125.00
Session Dates: July 31-August 4 ($125.00)

Masterpiece Mondays with Nicole Asendorf

Each week a new artist or subject will be taught. A range of mediums will be explored. This is the perfect camp for those that cannot commit to a full week. All classes are appropriate for ages 6-12 unless otherwise specified.


June 26- Art Making Fun (Ages 4-6)

This class is designed for your littlest artist. learn a variety of “art making” techniques such as painting, drawing, and printmaking





July 10- Yarn Painting

This class will explore the works of the Huichol Indians. Students will create a “painting” of an animal using yarn.

July 17- A Day at the Beach

The focus of this class is the beach. Students will be given step-by-step instructions for painting a beach scene. Beginners welcome!






July 24- Food Painting

Students will create 3 food inspired paintings of their choice



July 31- All about Watercolor

Watercolor techniques will be explored and a final painting of the student’s choice will be completed.


August 7- Birds

Students will paint a beautiful majestic peacock and if time allows collage a bird of their choice







August 14- Portraits 

Students will have the option to paint or draw realistic or cubist portraits. Pablo Picasso will be discussed.






August 21- Alexander Calder

This class focuses on the amazing artist, Alexander Calder. Options for projects will be based on his mobiles, stabiles, and circus


Instructor: Nicole Asendorf
Price: 9am-12pm $50.00 a session
Session Dates: June 26- Art Making Fun Ages 4-6 ($50.00)
July 10- Yarn Painting ($50.00)
July 17- A day at the Beach ($50.00)
July 31- All about Watercolor ($50.00)
July 24- Food Painting ($50.00)
August 7- Painting Birds ($50.00)
August 14- Portrait ($50.00)
August 21- Alexander Calder ($50.00)

Drawing with Watercolor Pencils (Ages 8-12)


this class will focus on building skills in a variety of watercolor techniques that will be used to create watercolor pencil masterpieces! blending, layering, and shading will be used to create vibrant floral and still life paintings. Students are required  to bring a set of watercolor pencils, and a 9×12 pad of watercolor paper (30 sheets) for class. We can supply students with materials for an additional $20.00.
Students who have completed The beginner level class (July 10-14) or (July 31-August 4th) or have more experience with watercolor pencils, are highly encouraged to take the advanced classes(August 7-11) or (August 21-25). Classes Run from 10am-12pm
Beginner Sessions: $125
(July 10-14)(July 31- August 4)
Advanced sessions: $125
(August 7-11) (August 21-25)
Instructor: Cathy DeMaio
Price: $125.00
Session Dates: Materials Fee ($20.00)
July 31-August 4 ($125.00)
July 10-14 ($125.00)
August 7-11 (ADVANCED) ($125.00)
August 21-25 (ADVANCED) ($125.00)

Collage with Cathy DeMaio (age 6-12)

Students will learn to make collages using a variety of different materials such as construction paper, felt, colorful design paper, and magazine clippings will be used for creating animals, landscapes, and faces. all of the projects are for beginners, and are incredibly fun! All supplies included. Sign up quick, as there is a 6 person maximum to this class.

Session dates:

(July 24-28) 10am-12pm $125.00

Instructor: Cathy DeMaio
Price: 125.00
Session Dates: July 24-28 10-12pm ($125.00)