George Hayes

George is active in his community of Warwick, where he has lived with his wife, Carol, for the past 15 years. He was active in the design of the Orange County Citizens Foundation‚ 100 Years of Music and‚ Early To Rise exhibits, which featured the musical talents and agricultural heritage of Orange County. He is also involved with the Orange County Arts Council and is a past member of Rotary of Warwick.

As a private pilot, he finds great enjoyment sharing the joy of flight with youngsters and was the newsletter editor the local chapter of the Experiment Aircraft Association (EAA).

Hayes recently met the wonderful painters of the Wallkill River School. Here he found an instant connection to the school, and to its mission,to preserve our dwindling open spaces and promote local small-scale farms and agricultural heritage within the community. After joining the Wallkill River School, he studied various oil painting, pastel painting and drawing classes under such notable artists as Shawn Dell Joyce, Gene Bove and Mary Mugele Sealfon. He is currently a member of the Wallkill River School Board of Directors.

Recently, Hayes began his lifelong dream of plein-air (outdoor) painting. His love of the outdoors, rural Orange County and the study of light and color are reflected in his oil or pastel paintings. An up-and-coming artist, Hayes has sold paintings to many private collectors. He is living proof that it is never too late to realize one‚ passion!