Brenda Harburger

Brenda pursues her art through oil and watercolor painting and sculpture of still life, landscape, figure, portraits of humans and pets.She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder. And furthered her studies at the Los Angeles School of Design and the Arts Students League in New York City.

Her original career goal was to be an art director, but circumstances took her on a different creative path as a new product marketing manager for Fortune 500 companies in NYC—developing an particular expertise in the highly esthetic fragrance market. Moving to Sullivan and Orange Counties, she opened her own advertising agency with her husband and, with that, did indeed become an art director for 25 years. Now, retired, she has dived into her very earliest creative passion—fine arts.


My style might be called CONTEMPORARY IMPRESSIONALISM, or IMPRESSIONALISTIC REALISM.Throughout history emotional or atmospheric impact is a critical element to great art. Exceptional works of art elicit an emotional reaction. With my watercolors, I have developed a very fluid, loose, watery, organic style which merges the subject, mood, gesture, the line, color and medium together—touches a tender spot within the viewer.

In oil, my style is less fluid and more realistic, with specific focus on a compelling fresh view of the grace of life–pointing subject, color, texture, line, shapes and composition, all to this end.

In sculpture, 3-dimension linear, undulating grace, in metal, is my only drive.